Azuma Tofu

Azuma Tofu

Azuma Foods Premium prepared tofu Series.

2022 will be the year veganism goes every food culture and is becoming more demands in the market. 」

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fried tofu 2cm Fried Tofu 3cm frozen silken tofu Grilled Tofu
Azuma Fried Tofu / Atsuage
2 cm
Azuma Fried Tofu / Atsuage
3 cm
Azuma Silken frozen Tofu / 1.5cm Azuma grilled frozen Tofu / 1.5cm
crispy tempura tofu Okara    
Crispy Tempura Tofu
2 x 2 x 3 cm
Okara / Soybean Pulp    


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Azuma Foods is breaking traditional Japanese cuisines to create a new and unique food culture. Our innovative products mix traditional Japanese cuisines with other food traditional culture to develop a taste that will appeal to all customers.