Japanese Snacks

・individually wrapped

12007  Peanuts and Rice Crackers / ポケット柿ピー

Japan’s number 1 bestselling snack! Carefully selected peanuts paired with rice crackers with a small kick of spice to create the perfect snack. Loved by all, these snacks are individually packed for optimal freshness and the ultimate convenience. Once you start you just can’t stop – perfect for packed lunches or the ideal accompaniment to an ice-cold beer.


2box /16 pack / 234g  / case
Product of Japan

12001  Salted Fried Peanuts / 揚げ塩落花生

Only the best peanuts are selected to be vacuum fried to the optimum doneness and seasoned to perfection. Always delicious and easily enjoyed anywhere on-the-go, our peanuts are a guaranteed favourite and a cut above the rest. Our peanuts speak for themselves and wouldn’t look out of place behind any bar or on your retail shelves!


8box /10 pack / 20gx6  / case
Product of Japan

12002 Seaweed & Salt fried peanuts / バターピーのり塩味

Using only the finest selection, we dust our peanuts with our delicious, salty seaweed seasoning. Packed with natural umami, this moreish snack can be enjoyed anywhere.

つまみに最高です! カリッと香ばしく、ほどよい塩

4box/16 pack / 20gx6  / case
Product of Japan

・individually wrapped

12003 Fried Soybeans 40g / 揚げ枝豆

A crunchy, savoury edamame snack. The delicious crisp texture will have you coming back for more. Healthy, tasty and guilt free – great for kids, or for the adults we recommend as the perfect savoury accompaniment to your favourite refreshing alcoholic beverage.


6box / 10 pack / 40g  / case
Product of Japan

・individually wrapped

12004 Fried Corn / 揚げとうもろこし

A naturally sweet and deliciously crunchy corn snack. Vacuum fried to give that perfect, crisp texture. Enjoy a healthy, tasty and addictive snack – great for kids, or for the adults an excellent savoury accompaniment to your favourite refreshing alcoholic beverage.


6box / 10 pack / 45g  / case
Product of Japan

・individually wrapped

12011 Fried Sweet Potatoes / いもころ

These crunchy cubes of fried sweet potato are a unique and naturally sweet snack. Individually wrapped for the perfect lunchbox accompaniment or bar snack. These crunchy sweet potato cubes are a delicious and satisfying treat for children and adults alike.


6box / 10 pack / 50g  / case
Product of Japan

・individually wrapped

12008 Baked Cinnamon Apple 105g / 焼きリンゴ

The apples are harvested at their optimal ripeness. They are then roasted before being dried for a truly recognisable flavour, the apples are then delicately dusted in cinnamon for a perfectly spiced sweet treat. Finally, the pieces of apple are Individually wrapped for maximum convenience. Our Baked Cinnamon Apples are exceptionally moreish and will keep you coming back for another piece!


6box / 10 pack / 105g  / case
Product of Japan

・individually wrapped

12009 Caramelized Pistachio / ピスタチオカラメラリゼ

Only the finest pistachios are chosen for this perfectly balanced sweet and savoury snack. The savoury pistachios are coated in a brittle, sweet caramel coating for a satisfying crunch. Caramelized Pistachios are the perfect snack to be enjoyed in a lunch box, picnic or while watching a movie. Individually wrapped for convenience,
you can take them anywhere!


6box / 10 pack / 60g  / case
Product of Japan